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People take up skateboarding at different ages; however, the majority of skateboarders are young adults, teenagers, and children. While adults have several options when it comes to choosing their desired skateboard, kids don’t have many choices and totally rely on their parents. 


Unfortunately, without knowledge and experience in skateboarding, many parents decide to buy toy skateboards from popular shopping malls like Target or Walmart. These cheap wooden boards with a layer of plastic coat seem to be an economical option but parents don’t know that these boards are completely unusable.  


A good board for children among the best skateboards for beginners must have a high quality in order to ensure the skating experience and the rider’s safety. Unless you want to put your kids at risk, stay away from these 20-dollar boards. Moreover, these cheap constructed products can not support the riders well during skating; therefore, your kids are more likely to give up. 


Realizing the importance of picking a decent skateboard for kids, I will share my experience about what criteria should be considered while buying a kid skateboard. The following simple rules and ideas can be extremely helpful if you are getting lost in the world of skateboards. 




At this stage of development, your kids want to skateboard just because their friends do; therefore, parents had better spend a little time finding out what kind of skateboard their friends are using and what skating style they are into. Answering the two above questions will give you a good idea of what your kids really want. 



Before heading to any skate shops or ordering off the internet, parents and their kids must have a conversation about the allowed budget since some models of skateboards can be ridiculously pricey. Depending on your budget, the choice can vary from $150 for a mini-cruiser to $600 for a premium longboard. 


The popular price for a decent skateboard should be around $250 to $300; however, skateboard companies usually have sale seasons throughout the year when parents can take the chance to get a high-quality product at a reasonable price. 




Similar to the previous group, parents need to know clearly who their kids are going to skate with, the type of skateboard they are using so as to pick the best kids skateboards. Your children will learn faster if they can skate with the others but first, you have to make sure that your kids have the equivalent skateboard as others. 


Although I have seen a 4-year-old kid drop in on a mini ramp, I don’t encourage parents to let their kids skateboard so early. Before they reach the age of 5, their bodies haven’t developed enough to take impact from inevitable falls; therefore, your children will be more prone to severe injuries to permanent damages. Instead, kids over 5 years old can start skating but under the supervision of adults or skateboarding instructors. 



Now when your kids are ready, you need to know exactly which terrain they intend to skate on. For instance, riders had better use mini cruisers or cruisers for uneven ground such as bike paths or driveways since these models have soft and easy-rolling wheels. If your kids want to learn tricks or skate at skateparks, the classic type with the size in between 7.75 and 8 will work fine. 


As I stated before, the minimum budget for a decent skateboard should be about $150 and parents had better buy products on reliable websites or from popular skate shops. If you have no idea about this, you can check out Surfshop or Billabong which has several shops and distributes products from prestigious brands like Plan B, Sector 9, or Element. 


I highly recommend you buy both skateboards and other accessories from famous brands so that your kids can be assured of the skateboard’s quality. The three names above are among numerous famous skateboard brands which promote thousands of products each year. They are quite popular among skaters as you can encounter some reviews of the brands or their products whenever you scroll through a skateboarding website like SkateAdvisors


Information about Skateadvisors:


- Phone: (1) 646-707-4551

- Address: 902 Avenue C, Brooklyn, NY 11218, United States



All the remarks above are the necessary steps to pick the right skateboard for your kids; however, parents have to consider numerous factors such as body size, age, deck shape, etc before purchasing any product. 


It would be wise if they could have someone with enough experience go to any skate shops with them in order to give them the best advice. If not, try to take advantage of the consultation from the sellers to understand the product thoroughly. 


Hopefully, after reading today’s thread, all parents are confident to get their kids the biggest gift for their skating dream: a suitable high-quality skateboard.

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